Jul. 25th, 2009

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I'm absolutely disgusted with the way some people think they can treat animals.  I'm watching 'Animal Cops Houston' and there's a dog who is so sweet, but she's been chained up so tight, her chain collar has actually grown into the skin around her neck!  What the hell is all that about?  The poor thing was so scared but her little tail never stopped wagging.  (She's a. little 5 month old GSD)

Dogs are one of the most faithful animals you can have as a pet.  They love you unconditionally and will do anything to please you.  I just can't put into words the way I feel.

Horses are pretty much the same.  The are gentle, caring animals but I don't think a lot of people realise how much hard work they are, so they just dump them!!!

Absolutely crazy.  I hate the human race.

I hate seeing them in the cages where they're up for adoption as well.  They need to be in houses being snuggled and spoilt.
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What's your favorite dessert?

Banoffee pie!  Mmmmmmmm


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