Aug. 23rd, 2009

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It's totally and utterly dull and dreary today! I hate days like this. It's bad enough in autumn/winter but in August...just makes me feel miserable. It's not cold, so that's something but all the greyness is awful. I don't even have a sparkly vampire to make me feel better. I do, however, have a manic little terrier who always makes me feel better.

It's not helping that today is the last day of my holidays. I like my job but recently, it's just not the same. I was going to go to Borders and have a mooch round but I can't be bothered. It's only 13 miles away but I have to drive down one of THE most boring roads in the area. If it wasn't so dull, I'd ask Paul to take me on the bike but I can guarantee it would start raining either on our way there or on the way back so that's out. Apart from that, he wants to play on his PC now that he's sorted it out. He's had loads of problems with it but it seems to be sorted now, thank goodness.

I hate this feeling of apathy. I'm not convinced it's not linked to the fact I took 3 amitriptyline last night. I could feel a migraine coming on and managed to stop it but the headache was bad enough to send me to bed. I'm such a bloody wuss.

Anyway, I'm in the lounge, on my own and have 3 RPattz films to watch on my laptop. This is a novelty to me as I usually send Paul off to find things for me to watch but now I can do it for myself, I can download all sorts of crap that he wouldn't watch in a million years!
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Give it up girl and admit you have a problem. You are a danger to yourself and to your girls. OK so this is the Sunday Mirror, but I think you owe a lot of people an apology for your behaviour and your words! Remember this? Your behaviour was disgraceful and no-one bought your explanation. You're the girl who cried 'wolf' aren't you?


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