Aug. 14th, 2009

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Royal Mail tried to deliver a parcel at 8.30 the other morning.  I asked them to redeliver today as we would be in and got up at 8 to make sure I didn't miss him...I'm still waiting.  I could have done with a bloody lie in this morning as well, I'm knackered.  My own fault for staying up late reading.  Oh well, suppose it means I can get jobs done earlier and chill out by lunchtime!

More later...


Well, Royal Mail man arrived just afetr 9.30 am and just popped the parcel inside the porch, didn't even knock, so I could have had that lie in after all.  NM, just after 1000, another parcel arrived with Paul's computer parts in so he's upstairs now trying to get to grips with that because everything's changed so much and there are ATA cables instead if IDE cables.  I'm keeping out of the way lol.  Have had to order a new wireless network card as we only have 2 and need 3 and Paul thinks he may need a new graphics card.  Oh well, he'll have to get it if he thinks he needs it because there's no point his having the new PC if his graphics card's no good.  As for the money....easy come, easy go huh?

Washing's out to dry;  dishwasher's sorted; hoovering's done;  bins are emptied, just waiting for Argos and Tesco to arrive now then I can get my house in order.  I hate clutter!


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