Aug. 2nd, 2009


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:52 pm
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Next week

Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:13 pm
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It can't go fast enough for me.  One more week of work then I'm off for 2 weeks.  It's not really been that long since I had time off.  Last break was a week in April but it feels like years ago.  I don't have anything planned a) because we have no money and b) it's difficult to go anywhere with lots of walking involved because of Paul's leg.  I might take myself off somewhere for a couple of hours and get some pics of the Fylde Coast.  I suppose a lot of it depends on the weather.

I love the pictures that people take of derelict buildings but ost of the ones round here have been re-developed so no history behind them at all.  Most of the factories are now office buildings or trendy yuppy housing and even the churches around here have been turned into exclusive (read expensive) apartments.

There are quite a few haunted locations but there's not much point unless you can guarantee you're going to get something on camera.  In nearby Woodplumpton, there is a witch's grave which is really just a rock in the graveyard.  There could be anything under it and it's not exactly phot-genic as you can see.

A trip to the beautiful Trough of Bowland is only worthwhile if the weather is good, otherwise, it's a miserable place and really somewhere you need to spend the whole day rather than just an hour or so.

The reality is a lot different to the fantasy though.  Saturday will be spent in Tesco, shopping for healthy but cheap food.  Floors will be scrubbed and hoovered, washing will be washed and surfaces will be washed and polished supposedly so that I can enjoy the week doing nothing.  Then it will all start again the following week.  I won't be arsed to do much other than sleep, walk the dogs and be lazy.  Even taking the dogs in the car is a major operation as Kizzie gets so excited and won't sit still which invariably leads to Paul getting annoyed and Kizzie getting further excited.  Perhaps a Kizzie and mum day out would be good.

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...when my instincts tell me one thing and everyone else says something else.  My instincts haven't let me down and today I've found out that, once again, they haven't failed me.

Nice try.  You probably thought you had everyone suckered in and feeling sorry for you but I'm afraid you've been rumbled!


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