Jun. 14th, 2009

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Have you ever won a contest, drawing, or lottery? What was the prize?

When I was about 10 I won a "Miss Hotpants" competition in our village.  The prize was a mahoosive box of chocolates lol

I won a draw when I worked at a computer store.  The prize for that was an 'experience day' which I didn't go on, I traded it for smaller things to give to my children.

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It's an absolutely gorgeous day but I've been good. I sorted out the dishwasher, hoovered downstairs, finished the ironing, nipped to the shop and I've just got back from a lovely long walk along the sandhills with the dog. Poor things are parched but seemed to enjoy themselves. I took my camera but there really wasn't anything different...just lots more people.

I actually hate it where I live...or rather, I hate the people. I walk the dogs on sandhills just off the prom. Now, it's acknowledged that the dog walkers use this part of the prom and the walkers use the footpath next to the beach. We turned on to the sandhills and there was a couple behind us. They gave the dogs such filthy looks, I was very tempted to say to the girls, "Keep away from the nasty humans, you might catch something".

Then there are the cyclists! Over the past few weeks there has been a big kerfuffle about dog owners walking their dogs without leads around parts of Lytham and St Annes. I've never seen anyone have any trouble with a dog but having to dodge out of the way of cyclists all the time is beyond a joke. Not only that, it's illegal!

Under 'Rules for Cyclists' on the Highway Code website. )

Then there were the old biddies out for a stroll.  One of them was coughing and wheezing her way along the footpath and stopped to light a cigarette.  Whilst I realise there's a ban on smoking in public places, I prefer to make my choices as to whether or not I visit somewhere where smoking is allowed than be walking along a pavement and having smoke blown in my face.  That is far more offensive to me!

Apart from that, we had a pleasant walk and the girls are both crashed out in the lounge!


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