May. 25th, 2009

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It's Memorial Day in the States, a time to remember those who have died while in military service. Who would you like to remember today?

My grandfather.  He died 4 months before my daughter was born but I know he would have loved her to bits.  I'm sad that Robbie and Gemma didn't get to meet him.  They would have loved him as well.
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How hot is it out there already?  Took the dogs for a walk and couldn't believe it.  It's wonderful.  Kinda sad that my boss has chosen this week to go abroad, but hey.  Everyone knows bank holidays here are usually a wash out.

Anyway, got back from our walk, sorted out the dishwasher, had breakfast and my tongue bar fell out.  My have swallowed the ball when I was eating my breakfast.  Just lucky I didn't bite down on it and break my teeth!  (I really have to sort out a dentist anyway.  I haven't been for years and especially lately now that Paul's not working, we can't really afford dental treatment but I'm starting to have problems).  I digress.  It was my favourite red one as well.  Guess I'll just have to get another one *sighs*

I have a little more washing and ironing to do as there are some things Paul wants before he goes to Leeds next week but not much.  I really want to sit in the garden and read but I can't do it.  I get bored.  Even if I'm on holiday, I can't just lie next to a pool or on the beach.  I have to be up and about and doing something, hence why I always look as though I haven't seen the sun.  I could take the dogs but Kizzie doesn't like crowds and the area where we live is a holiday resort and always packed with people on sunny days.

I'm such a misery lol
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So, I finished the last few chores and took myself out into the garden with a book. I don't get to read much nowadays but made the effort and I'm glad I did. I managed 'Twilight' from start to finish and now I need to read the rest of the saga. Yeah, I know, I'm 46 and should know better than to get excited about teen fiction but it was nice, don't have to think too hard fiction about one of my favourite subjects, so where's the harm in that? We all need escapism. I know I could have read 'Marley and Me' but it's been too nice a day to be morose.

Back to work tomorrow and, as awful as it sounds, I hope the weather isn't as good. Our office doesn't have air con and even when you open the windows, it's so sheltered, it's a waste of time. On top of that, all my short sleeved stuff is now too small for me (although the diet's coming along nicely thank you). At least it will be a short week!


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