May. 17th, 2009

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I have 2 more.  Anyone want one?
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I've done very litte but the weekend has flown by!  Paul has spent most of the weekend in bed after staying up all night on Friday to sort something out onj his PC for Robbie.  Tiredness finally got the better of him and he went to bed last night and asked me to wake him at 7.  Tony came round for Robbie, eventually, at 7 and Gemma came round a few minutes later with Andrew.  They'd ordered pizza and decided to wait at my house rather than in Dominos.  The price I pay for living across the road I guess!

Went to wake Paul, he opened his eyes and grunted that he was getting up.  Half an hour later, still nothing, so I went up again.  He was comatose so I left him.  Upside is, I got to spend time on my own watching what I want!  Downside is, he'd missed out on 2 lots of painkillers so woke up this morning in lots of pain.  Anyway, he was up again after 12 hours sleep and was already up when I surfaced.  I took the dogs for a walk and did a couple of chores and by the time I got back in the lounge, he was askeep again so I've sent him to bed.

Spent most of the weekend on my own but it's been surprisingly pleasant!
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Do you seek attention or hide from it?

It all depends what I'm doing.  If I'm at work and being 'The Boss' then I seek attention.  If it's something on a more personal level though, I hide from it.  I HATE being the centre of attention.


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