Apr. 19th, 2009

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I really should look at my 'Interpreting Your Dreams' book more often.  This morning's was particularly weird in that I had forgotten where I'd parked my car (nothing new there really, especially if I've nipped into Tesco), but I'd left Kizzie in the car (which I never do) and I was beside myself.  I had Robbie with me but he was a lot younger, about 12, and  just kept saying, "I'm not bothered about the car, I just want Kizzie back".  All the time he was trying to help me and we stumbled across a school.  I have no idea why but isn't that the way of dreams?  Robbie went into what I can only describe as a box room with lots of pupils in at and coats hung outside the room on coat pegs.  There were hundreds of them and as fast as I pushed one out of the way, another would appear in it's place and now I couldn't get to Robbie either,  The pupils in there wouldn't let him go and I was shouting at them to let him go.

That was when I made myself wake up!


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