Apr. 17th, 2009

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"Angry Coronation Street viewers have complained to Ofcom and ITV after a character made "anti-Christian" remarks during an episode on Easter Sunday".

Do these people not realise this is a work of fiction and regardless of that, not everyone actually does believe in 'God'? Some people really ought to get a life

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Who has it easier—men or women? Why or why not?

Yeah right.  I'm not touching this with a 10' barge pole lol
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Even though it was only 4 days, it hasn't seemed any shorter than a normal week, but that's probably down to the fact that school holidays are our quietest times.  It always feels as though I've never been away anyway.

There have been a number of things in the press lately that have, quite frankly, left me gobsmacked.  Far too many for me to post on here, suffice to say that my faith in the human race remains unaltered.  We're numpties and if there is life on other planets, they're all p*ssing themselves laughing at us right now.  Thankfully I have Kizzie to keep me sane!

I'm extremely tired today.  Could be to do with the fact that I had the most horrendous headache at work and ended up taking my Amitriptylene which always makes me sleepy so perhaps an early night followed by an early morning and get the housework out of the way and then a day spent playing Sacred and generally dossing about online.  Sounds like a plan.


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