Mar. 31st, 2009


Mar. 31st, 2009 02:51 pm
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I'm at work when a call comes through on another line asking for me, however, they used my surname before I was married and called me on an extension number that I haven't used for over 3 years!  They said they were from Scottish Power but I've never had an account with them so why am I worried?  I can't owe someone money if I've never had an account with them!

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I hate that 'in-between' period of changing banks when I don't trust anyone to set up standing orders or direct debits properly.  I registered for online banking over a week ago but no paper work has come through yet and as I like to pay everything more or les the same day as my money goes into the bank then I know where I am, I wrote out cheques to cover the first month of the new bank.  I'm panicking that I've forgotten to pay something though because I seem to have more money left than I should have!  I guess I'll just have to stop spending until all the payments have gone through and hopefully, for once, there will be money left in the account before the next payday.

Mind you, I did treat myself to some goodies from bodyjewelleryshop, nothing majorly exciting and only a tenner's worth but I think I deserve it!

Emailed my daughter at work to show her what I'd spent my Mother's Day voucher's only the exact same bag she bought for herself a couple of months ago!  She obviously has impeccable taste!


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