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Yeah, yeah, I know they have a job to do just like anyone else BUT there's a programme on at the moment where the bailiff is saying that sob stories don't affect him because everyone has problems. His son has a cleft palate and he has a hard time blah blah. Sorry? You want sympathy but you don't extend that sympathy? It works both ways matey. When we had a run in with one of your colleagues, it wasn't a case of sob stories or the fact that mail had 'got lost' ("we sent it so you must have got it". Hmmm, well OK then, I sent you a letter so you must have got that one if we're working on those principles. "No, we haven't got it". OK so what can I do now? "Nothing, it's already gone to the bailiff. We can't recall it").

Hiding to nothing springs to mind. We don't even have goods worth an awful lot and if they went ot auction, it certainly wouldn't add up to the sum total of our council tax!

We are in danger of having another visit from them because we can't pay our council tax just yet. We didn't go to court because we weren't disputing that we owe it (we're going to pay it all off when the compensation comes through) and we have sent income and expenditure forms to the council but they want approximately £150 more than we have coming in each month. They will continue to ignore anything we send them but, if we go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and give them the same information, they'll take into account our situation! Bear in mind, it was the CAB who advised us to file fore bankruptcy. Do you know how much that costs?

Anyway, I digress. We went to the CAB last week, specifically making an appointment for when I was off work so I could go with Paul. Someone cocked up the bookings, they got the 19th confused with the 20th and double booked everyone! God help us! So, now he has to go back again, on his own. I just hope it doesn't rain or he'll be in agony.

It's like banging your head against a bloody brick wall. We're trying to do everything the right way and there's always some arse ready to bugger it all up for you. Thing is, there's nothing we can do about it. We have to go along with everyone else!

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