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rawnee ([personal profile] rawnee) wrote2009-08-18 11:06 am

What a week

So, I'm at the beginning of my second week off work. The first week has flown by but in fairness, we haven't really stopped all week. We seem to have done so much in the first week and have nothing to show for it. So much for a lie in. I think the best I've managed it 9.30 what with one thing and another and bloody 'phone calls from people. I'm always asked why I don't turn my 'phone off at night if I don't want to be bothered. The answer is simple - it's in case my daughter or my son need to get in touch with me.

Our solicitor's on holiday for a couple of weeks now so nothing's going to happen with that until she gets back at the earliest. I just hope all the hassle and carry on is bloody worth it. I'm now at a point where I'm sick to death of people doubting everything I say! I want to get it all sorted but I'm not givin Direct Line the pleasure of offering us some paltry amount just to get it over and done with. They had their chance 3 months ago.

I am officially sick of this dieting lark. I asked the nurse about it when I went last week and she said to just keep on with it despite the fact I only lost 5lbs over the past 3 months. I have more zits now than I had when I was a teenager and I stopped eating chocolate and drinking sugary drinks. I only drink water now! What else can I do? I guess I could give up but then I would get really annoyed at myself for doing so. I should keep trying a bit longer I suppose.