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Do you think stem cell research is good, bad or dangerous?  Should it be funded by the government?

Oohhh can of worms.  Very tricky question but I guess it's all of the above.  It depends what kind of research is being done.  If it can eradicate serious health issues then yes, it's good.  That includes hereditary diseases.  e.g. We've all heard of diseases that can affect only female or male babies so I guess if it can help couples have a healthy baby, again, yes it's good.  If it's being used to reaserach 'designer babies', no, absolutely not and scientists should NOT be allowed to do this.  I guess whichever way you look at it, it's messing with nature but isn't that what people have been doing since time begin to try and help them live more healthily?  Yes, it can be dangerous and would have to be very very carefully scrutinised with lots of ground rules and no grey areas. 

As to whether or not it should be funded by the Govenment, yes, to a degree it should but again, dependent on the type of research being carried out.


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