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Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?

I frequently have dreams about Paul going back to his ex or ringing him and not being able to get in touch with him. I don't think it's particularly good or a nightmare really.  It's obviously subconscious fears

I had a panicky one last night /  this morning.  I couldn't find my car, my son was 5 years old again and we were having a party.  He missed his party to help me try and find the car and I kept shouting at him to walk faster and run but he couldn't.  I kept walking round and round town as I couldn't remember where I had parked the car and it was nowhere to be seen.  I couldn't figure out a way to find it and in the end decided it must have been stolen so I went to ring the police and couldn't find my 'phone or my purse and panicked again.  Most bizarre.  Then again, I have lots of dreams about losing my car.  The only difference with this one was that it was in a place I had never been.  Usually it's in the same town.


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