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The girl's name Rawnie / Rawnee is of Romany origin, and its meaning is "lady". An English Gypsy term.


"Last night the gypsies came -
Nobody knows from where.
Where they’ve gone to nobody knows,
And nobody seems to care!"

- Rachel Field

Some of you may have stumbled across this page whilst looking for something completely different. Either way, this page is a bit about me. Obviously it's not all about me as that would take far too long and would be terminally boring, suffice to say I'm a wife, mother and employee and have 2 great kids and a fantastic toyboy husband. We have two dogs, Harley, (his 'fat girl') and Kizzie, (my 'little princess'). My children, husband and dogs are the most important things in my life.

I don't take life seriously unless I'm at work or involved in something that needs me to be a grown up but on the whole I like to have a laugh. Yes, I'm sarcastic; yes, I'm shallow but I'm also loyal, a little shy until I get to know people and don't tolerate fools, liars, cheats, bullies or cruelty to animals.

I don't like slugs and snails or anything that you can find in the garden, I'm such a wuss. I don't like clowns, why anyone would take their child to a circus and find them funny I don't know. Punch & Judy and ventriloquist dolls are evil!

Paul and I met in 1998 in a chat room where he told me he was coming over to Preston to Uni. He had a girlfriend at the time and I was married but the inevitable happened despite us trying not to and we became 'an item'. It's not been the easiest relationship I've ever had and we've gone our own ways a couple of times but he always finds his way home, no matter what. The last break up was particularly bad and we had a really rough time but got through it all stronger and more in love than ever. In September 2006 we got married at the White Church in Fairhaven, just around the corner from where we now live.

I'm an office manager on the Fylde Coast for a chauffeur company. I have 11 tattoos and 14 piercings (ears, tongue and belly button only!) and I like to blog. If you're looking for a blog full of witticisms and profundities you'd best look elsewhere. There's often absolutely no point to my blogs. I'm no Bridget Jones - I don't have her way with words or social life (and certainly no Mr Darcy). I'm no Carrie Bradshaw - I have no Big, no fantastic shoe collection and absolutely no desire to write for a magazine. I never blog about the most interesting things in life, just day to day stuff and things that interest me in the news. It's not earth shattering, it's just for fun. (If, however, you do read something you don't like, I would remind you that it is my blog and as such, I am free to post what I like. If you don't like it, don't read it. This is my second LJ account as I had to delete the first one because of some childish little girls who objected to what I was writing and thought stalking me was fun).

I love music...mostly rock but there are one or two other kinds thrown into the mix for good measure. Aerosmith are always top of the list, just an amazing band and totally breathtaking live! Sadly I don't get to go to as many concerts as I would like, but one day that will all change again. A lot of my hard-earned is also spent on DVDs. Again, we don't have as many as we like and some of them seem to have gone 'walkabout'...most annoying!

I enjoy photography...well, looking at other people's photos more than taking my own cos I'm not very good, despite my daughter giving me a fabby camera for my birthday. Black and white is my favourite. I also like
Pon and Zi, they're so ugly, they're cute.

Vampires have fascinated me for years (show me one vampire that hasn't had that little something that you can't put your finger on and you can't walk away from. The proof is below).

dracula,louis,angel,spike,blade,edward cullen,carlisle cullen,jasper hale,emmett cullen

All this came about when I was just leaving primary school (and round about the time Stephenie Meyer was born!!!), way before 'Interview with the Vampire', 'Lost Boys' and certainly a long, long time before 'Twilight'. I was fascinated by Christopher Lee's portrayal of Dracula and the old Nosferatu film.

I have to admit to being totally addicted to the Twilight Saga though.


Paul introduced me to Vampire the Masquerade as soon as he heard of my interest but we don't get to play as often as we like to.

Paul is a biker through and through but was unfortunate enough to have been knocked off his bike 2 years ago and 7 weeks before our wedding. Sadly he's still not 100% and it doesn't look as though he ever will be so now we're playing a waiting game with the insurance company. We helped set up and ran Fylde Bike Meet but sadly had to resign as Paul wasn't up to running it any more as he couldn't give it 100%. He still enjoys riding his bike when he gets the chance but sadly can't ride too far any more, despite the fact that certain people have said they think there's nothing wrong with him any more and he's 'putting it on'.

I like boots (not shoes), handbags, sunglasses and spoiling Kizzie. I don't follow fashions or feel the need to have lots of shoes or clothes but I do have rather more makeup than one person could need for personal use!

Though I enjoy travelling, I haven't managed to get away anywhere for the past few years due to circumstances but my last holiday was to South Africa (Pretoria) and I loved it. I've also visited Spain, Italy, Malta and Austria.

Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for the pictures used on my LJ (other than the ones of Kizzie). If any of them are yours and you would like them removed or crediting, please let me know.

Interests (150):

a knight's tale, acdc, aerosmith, airheads, albion trilogy, alice cooper, andrew wk, angel, avril lavigne, biking, bill & ted, bitching, black and white photography, black sabbath, blade, blue oyster cult, bon jovi, bones, boots, bryan adams, burlesque, charmed, cher, chinese food, clannad, coyote ugly, csi, dave lee roth, deep purple, def leppard, detroit rock city, diablo2: lod, dirty dancing, dita von teese, dodgeball, dogs, donnie darko, dr. who, dresden files, ducatis, dude where's my car, eric clapton, evanescence, fallen, fantasy, fleetwood mac, gaming, ghost rider, ghosts, ginger snaps trilogy, glamour, gone with the wind, goth, gothic, gothic architecture, goths, grease 2, green day, guns n roses, halloween, hawkwind, highlander, hocus pocus, hostel 1 & 2, internet, interview with the vampire, iron maiden, joe satriani, jurassic park trilogy, kingdom of heaven, kirsty maccoll, la ink., lacuna coil, leather, led zeppelin, legolas., levellers, life of brian, linkin park, lion king, lost boys, lotr trilogy, lynyrd skynyrd, magic the gathering, marilyn manson, men with long hair, miami ink, miss congeniality, motley crue, motogp, motorbikes, motorcycles, moulin rouge, muse, music, nickelback, nicky hayden, nightwish, phil collins/genesis, piercings, plunkett & macleane, poison, postsecret, practical magic, premonition, priest, queen, rainbow, rammstein, rock, rocky horror picture show, rollercoasters, sabbath, saw 1-4, saxon, sisters of mercy, spike, springsteen, steve vai, supernatural, tattoos, team america, the calling, the craft, the crow, the ghost whisperer, the lake house, the long way down, the long way round, thunder, tombstone, troy, tru calling, twilight saga, twitter, type o negative, ugly kid joe, vampire the masquerade, vampires, van halen, van helsing, victorian, victorian era, victoriana, wayne's world, white lion, whitesnake, wicca, wild hogs, within temptation
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