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So, I'm at the beginning of my second week off work. The first week has flown by but in fairness, we haven't really stopped all week. We seem to have done so much in the first week and have nothing to show for it. So much for a lie in. I think the best I've managed it 9.30 what with one thing and another and bloody 'phone calls from people. I'm always asked why I don't turn my 'phone off at night if I don't want to be bothered. The answer is simple - it's in case my daughter or my son need to get in touch with me.

Our solicitor's on holiday for a couple of weeks now so nothing's going to happen with that until she gets back at the earliest. I just hope all the hassle and carry on is bloody worth it. I'm now at a point where I'm sick to death of people doubting everything I say! I want to get it all sorted but I'm not givin Direct Line the pleasure of offering us some paltry amount just to get it over and done with. They had their chance 3 months ago.

I am officially sick of this dieting lark. I asked the nurse about it when I went last week and she said to just keep on with it despite the fact I only lost 5lbs over the past 3 months. I have more zits now than I had when I was a teenager and I stopped eating chocolate and drinking sugary drinks. I only drink water now! What else can I do? I guess I could give up but then I would get really annoyed at myself for doing so. I should keep trying a bit longer I suppose.
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Why is it that when I say I'm broke, have no cash, am skint, people think I'm down to my last few hundred?  I actually mean that I'm down to my last few pennies.  When I say there's no food in the cupboards, I actually mean there is NO food in my cupboards.  It's not difficult.
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Should some parts of celebrities' lives be off-limits to the public, or is giving up privacy a fair price for being famous?

Yes they should.  I wouldn't want everyone to know what I get up to when I'm not at work.  No, I know it's not the same but they're still entitled to a life.  I do believe that when they're out in public and don't make any effort to disguise who they are and then get p*xxed off because people are annoying them, they only have themselves to blame because without Joe Public, they wouldn't be where they are but I believe a lot of the poublic think they 'own' celebrities.  It's a difficult one really, it's like having your cake and eating it isn't it?

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What a shitty day. STarted off OK but has been raining, then the wind got up, then the rain stopped and the sun shone, now it's raining again and, oh, guess what?! Sky's shit out again! On a scale of 1 - 10 for crap services I reckon Sky must be about an 8 with BT just beating them into the top spot!

On the plus side, my new pink geek stick arrived along with my Twilight book so not a completely wasted day. I also managed to get a storage box for under my desk. I knew I should have gone to WH Smith last week instead of Tesco and B&Q. Could have saved myself time and money.

Landlord came round this morning and parked up his caravan. Not a small one...no, a bloody great 22' one! Oh well. He says it's only going to be out there for about another week, so no biggy.

Quite fancy a lazy day today but I feel guilty. Don't think I should and I'm going out tomorrow with my lovely daughter. Joseph again but free tickets this time. Hope they're decent bloody seats! I'm such an ingrate!

Well, as Sky's not playing I guess I should make the most of it and watch some of the films I've downloaded acquired.
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Royal Mail tried to deliver a parcel at 8.30 the other morning.  I asked them to redeliver today as we would be in and got up at 8 to make sure I didn't miss him...I'm still waiting.  I could have done with a bloody lie in this morning as well, I'm knackered.  My own fault for staying up late reading.  Oh well, suppose it means I can get jobs done earlier and chill out by lunchtime!

More later...


Well, Royal Mail man arrived just afetr 9.30 am and just popped the parcel inside the porch, didn't even knock, so I could have had that lie in after all.  NM, just after 1000, another parcel arrived with Paul's computer parts in so he's upstairs now trying to get to grips with that because everything's changed so much and there are ATA cables instead if IDE cables.  I'm keeping out of the way lol.  Have had to order a new wireless network card as we only have 2 and need 3 and Paul thinks he may need a new graphics card.  Oh well, he'll have to get it if he thinks he needs it because there's no point his having the new PC if his graphics card's no good.  As for the money....easy come, easy go huh?

Washing's out to dry;  dishwasher's sorted; hoovering's done;  bins are emptied, just waiting for Argos and Tesco to arrive now then I can get my house in order.  I hate clutter!
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Arlene Phillips to help the Government with their exercise initiatives.  Well, they don't have anything better to do with their time and money, do they?  It's not like we're in the middle of a recession or anything and it's nice to know that Gordon's concerned about my weight and exercise levels.  We're supposed to be running out of food so I don't suppose it will matter then whether you exercise or not!

Why can't the politicians concentrate their efforts on getting the country back on it's feet first and ploughing more money into the NHS and schools and let those of us who need exercise worry about ourselves.

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I've just been reminded of a conversation I had with Paul while we were out.  He'd seen a stainless steel cross with a tribal design on it and asked me if I liked it.  I said it was OK as far as crosses go, I just don't do crosses and said that I was surprised that he did.  He said that, when his time comes, he wants a fighting chance of going somewhere warm and fluffy rather than fire and brimstone.  That made me laugh cos I don't believe that you actually go anywhere.  Once you die, that's it, game over.  That, of course, is when things started getting silly.  He asked me what my idea of the perfect place to go when I die was.  I said a huge field full of Kizzie puppies.  He laughed and said that it would get a bit messy and I told him not to be so bloody stupid, they don't need to eat, therefore they don't need to poo.  He thought about it for a while and then agreed with me!

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Got up about 8.30 this morning, had a shower then took the dogs out (after I'd dressed of course...I'm not that sadistic).  Waited for husband to shower, have cigarette, dress, have cigarette, order computer parts, order bike parts, another cigarette, have brew, another cigarette, then off we went.  Set off for town and managed to find somewhere to park without too much trouble (other than a senior Jensen Button wannabee who was not letting me having his parking space.  He'd parked at the opposite end of the car park so I wasn't sure if he was waiting for someone or not.  He made no attempt to move so I drove past him just as someone was pulling out).

First stop, Willy Banjo's for cigarette papers and scales;  next opticians to sort out the direct debit that their customer dis-service department had set up (or not); couple more stops and a brief stop at HMV who were haing a 4 for £20 sale on DVDs so we bought 8 plus 2 others, Paul bought 2 books and a CD as well; next stop Game for an Xbox game for Robbie and a stop en route to him for petrol, dog treats and some sunglasses that I'd seen in Halfords last week.  (We were looking for shoes for me and socks and trainers for him but came away without wither).

Got home and ordered a new desk for Robbie (who is going to have Paul's old PC), some filing cabinets for me (all on offer at Tesco) and some DVD shelving from Argos for the lounge.

I'm now officially knackered!

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What is your favorite commercial from your childhood? Bonus points if you include a video of it.

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I acquired some films today with every intention of watching them all.  I only managed 'Marley and Me' (at last).  I've been putting off watching it since it came out, despite the fact it's about my favourite animal.  I knew something of the ending as I had seen John and Jenny Grogan on The Dog Whisperer.  I've also had the book sitting on my shelf for years but can't bring myself to read it.  All I can say is, I sobbed my heart out. 

Cut for spoiler and some self-pitying. )

On the brighter side, my boss has given me 2 tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat on Sunday so I'm taking Gemma.  We usually go every year but I had forgotten about it this year, so it was a nice surprise!  (Gemma and I always show ourselves up when we go.  We get a bit 'loud').

Paul's had a bit of a windfall so he's going to upgrade his PC and I'm going to get some new shoes for work.

Office Numpty (ON) has been caught out.  She told my work colleagues that she was in intensive care from the Friday before her holiday to the Monday.  I'm pretty damned sure they don't have computers in intensive care just so you can post on Facebook!  I'm sick of her lies.  She's even back to posting on FB from work.  Something that, in my capacity as Office Manager, I might just slip into the conversation one day!

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So fed up

Aug. 9th, 2009 04:17 pm
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I'm sick of having a middle aged body and a 21 year old head.  It's no fun.  I keep thinking I can still do all the things I did when I was 21...a lifetime ago.  It's bad design as far as I'm concerned.  It's not right that my flab sticks out more than my boobs.  I've been dieting for 3 months now and only lost 7lbs.  What the hell is all that about?  I haven't had a bar of chocolate since I said I was going to make an effort and in the last 4 weeks I haven't dropped a single, solitary pound.  My friend thinks it's the meds that I'm on.  I'd like to agree but it seems like a cop out answer and I'm only kidding myself, but the doc agrees.

Oh well.  A trip into town is on the books for next week.  I need some shoes for work and I want to pick up some bits and pieces and sort out the direct debit for our contact lenses that still hasn't been set up, despite their ringing us no less than 3 times in one afternoon and confirming the details.

I hate money, I hate people...we've just a rather snotty letter from the council demanding repayment of ALL the council tax we owe them from the past 3 years even though we're on an agreed payment plan with them, all because we said that, despite receiving another bill from them, our income hadn't increased any.  We don't own enough stuff to cover the amounts they're asking for either.  I wouldn't mind but we didn't say we weren't going to pay it, we said we didn't have enough money to pay it!  There's a HUGE difference.  Paul's going to ring them on Monday morning and see what they say.  I'm not hopeful.

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Well, not officially because I don't work Saturdays anyway so I decided to get the housework out of the way. Started with the dusting and cleaning last night and finished off with the hoovering and mopping today (after the shopping of course). I like to get it all out of the way by Saturday morning so I cna have the rest of the weekend free but it just wasn't happening today. I guess it was my own fault for doing the spring cleaning a season too late. My house is sparkling now though.

Oh yes, I have a gardener now too! Sounds impressive but we only have a flower bed in the front and a very small lawn and flower beds in the back but I hate gardening with a passion and Paul can't do it because of his leg so it's worth my while to pay someone to do it. The lawn's looking a bit ropey but the gardener said it's because of the dogs peeing on it and to get some Dog Rocks, so I did!  Kizzie's not too impressed.  She keeps taking Harley's out of her bowl and can't work out why I've put them in there, bless her.

Sunday's usually Twilight and ironing day but I think it will have to be put back a day as I've washed everything that could possibly need washing with the exception of the curtains and I won't get it all dry in one day so I guess Sunday's chill out day this week and Monday's Twilight and ironing...ready for the next lot.

Plans for the rest of my time off may change slightly in that we have a bit of money to spare and to enjoy.  No plans yet what we're going to do with it but I guess a day out and a trip to the cinema won't go amiss.  (I'm pretty sure that a bit will be spent on play.com though).

For the rest of tonight though, it's me, hubby and the dogs and Friday the 13th!

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Got there reasonably early, car park wasn't too full considering.  So, I get off to a good start and am making my way around the store...first, little old man who hasn't a clue where he's going so just stands in the middle of the aisle; middle-aged man with two younger female companions pushing his trolley decides to wander aimlessly whilst blocking the aisle for anyone wanting to pass him in either direction; dozens of families out and about with their offspring (not all toddlers) who insist on messing around and generally getting in the way of all the other shoppers.  WHY?????

It's not difficult to stand to one side.  If I'm stretching across you to reach something, whilst saying excuse me, I haven't suddenly told you to get the f*ck out of my way.  I have asked you nicely so there's no point in ignoring me or staring at me in outrage.  It's a fair bet that I want what is on the shelf just in front of you that you aren't even remotely interested in buying.  

If you must insist on taking your children with you, at least keep them next to you.  Allowing them to push a trolley that they can't see over or letting them 'guide' the trolley from the front, isn't helpful or endearing.  It's bloody annoying for the people behind you.  Likewise, not taking a blind bit of notice where they are after you've given them something to play with so they aren't watching where they're going or if you're wandering off without them, is not conducive to a pleasant shopping experience.  Emergency stops with a trolley full of food can get messy.

Putting them in a little car with a shopping basket is a good idea...letting them push it isn't and defeats the object.

Ah, so your children are older are they?  Lovely.  Teenagers and brother and sister at that.  What a lovely family you have.  It's clear to see why you bought them.  It's much easier to make a decision on whether to get him a magazine or not when he's there to ask but can only utter one syllable - "meh".  Play-fighting in the aisles is bloody annoying and trust me, I will beat you to a pulp next time you do it in front of me.

When I'm shopping, I am not invisible.  Please don't push your trolley into my arse (yes, I know it's rather large but even more reason for yolu being able to see it and avoid it) or my ankles.  They bruise easily.  I will wait for you in the car park and do the same to you when I'm in my car.

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...when my instincts tell me one thing and everyone else says something else.  My instincts haven't let me down and today I've found out that, once again, they haven't failed me.

Nice try.  You probably thought you had everyone suckered in and feeling sorry for you but I'm afraid you've been rumbled!

Next week

Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:13 pm
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It can't go fast enough for me.  One more week of work then I'm off for 2 weeks.  It's not really been that long since I had time off.  Last break was a week in April but it feels like years ago.  I don't have anything planned a) because we have no money and b) it's difficult to go anywhere with lots of walking involved because of Paul's leg.  I might take myself off somewhere for a couple of hours and get some pics of the Fylde Coast.  I suppose a lot of it depends on the weather.

I love the pictures that people take of derelict buildings but ost of the ones round here have been re-developed so no history behind them at all.  Most of the factories are now office buildings or trendy yuppy housing and even the churches around here have been turned into exclusive (read expensive) apartments.

There are quite a few haunted locations but there's not much point unless you can guarantee you're going to get something on camera.  In nearby Woodplumpton, there is a witch's grave which is really just a rock in the graveyard.  There could be anything under it and it's not exactly phot-genic as you can see.

A trip to the beautiful Trough of Bowland is only worthwhile if the weather is good, otherwise, it's a miserable place and really somewhere you need to spend the whole day rather than just an hour or so.

The reality is a lot different to the fantasy though.  Saturday will be spent in Tesco, shopping for healthy but cheap food.  Floors will be scrubbed and hoovered, washing will be washed and surfaces will be washed and polished supposedly so that I can enjoy the week doing nothing.  Then it will all start again the following week.  I won't be arsed to do much other than sleep, walk the dogs and be lazy.  Even taking the dogs in the car is a major operation as Kizzie gets so excited and won't sit still which invariably leads to Paul getting annoyed and Kizzie getting further excited.  Perhaps a Kizzie and mum day out would be good.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 01:52 pm
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ganked from [livejournal.com profile] badfalcon 

Off we go... )
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...invariably, they do.

The solicitors are up and down and all over the bloody place with what we should expect and what we shouldn't.  We have now decided that we are going to stick to our original request based on the report from our last 'expert'.  Not holding my breath though I guess.

Paul's now having stomach problems and has had to have more blood tests.  It could be something and nothing but he needs to know.  No big deal that he's had blood tests except that he has a major needle phobia.  So, more waiting for something else.

Gemma's now decided that she's going to move in with her boyfriend in the New Year so they're busy (or at least he is), window shopping for things they'll need.

Most of my time is spent with my 'mature Twilight fans' on a new forum simply because I no longer seem to have much in common with people I used to chat with.  They're all just starting their families, mine are grown up now and all my advice seem to be out-dated.  So, mid-life crisis = lusting over 17 year old vampires and reading young adult fiction.  I don't care.  I'm old enough to know better but too young to care.
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Sometimes I answer, very rarely do I bother to read other people's answers but, because someone mentioned vampires, I decided to have a look at the other answers and found it hysterical that people were posting things like, "What a stupid question" and "there's no such things as vampires".  Why bother answering the question then?
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From Dr. Polidori's Lord Ruthven to Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen, the annals of vampire lore are filled with attractive, charming bloodsuckers. Which one would you most want to be bitten by?

Ooooohhhhh difficult question but it would have to be Dracula himself...or maybe Spike?  Edward or Jasper would be good...


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