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At least that's what I think I am, and have been, for a couple of years now.

I have another birthday coming up next week and here I am, hoping that I'll get some money to spend on Twilight goodies. Dear God. Surely I should have grown out of all this by now, but no. It's like a compulsion. You just have to read and watch more and more. Not happy with just the Twilight Saga and films, you find yourself looking for everything that the actors/actresses have ever taken part in. I have been pleasantly surprised with the films I have watched so far and still have a few to watch yet.

I've also realised that they have been in films that I've already seen so they aren't 'new' actors/actresses, they're already well established! We're always so far behind in the UK anyway, it doesn't surprise me.

Today has been a lovely lazy day. All weekends should be 3 days long. It's much more civilised. The only down side is having to do the ironing that I should have done today. Oh well, at least I have plenty to watch while I'm doing it! For now though, I shall be watching the rest of the MotoGP and entertaining myself on the internet.

*UPDATED* Waddya know, yet another adaptation of 'Wuthering Heights'. Needless to say, I'll watch it! lol


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