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OK so the weekend's only just started but it's also the end of my time off work. Where the hell did it go?

It's been a productive day though. I can't complain. I've got the last of the washing done, ironed what was waiting. Stocked up so no-one starves while I'm back at work next week, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, changed the beds, walked the dogs and Paul's helped his friend build his computer! Hmmmm, what's wrong with thsi picture? Oh well.

While they've been out I finished off and also had a bit of a trawl round the internet. It's my birthday the week after next and whenever anyone asks me what I want, I always say, "I don't know". Not this year! Do they not realise how much Twilight stuff is out there???? (Which reminds me, I think I'll hazard a trip to Borders tomorrow to see if they have anything like the stock they have over in the States). First up, and not too expensive, is this lovely watch! I have to have it! I might even be able to buy it for myself with birthday money. I have to go into town anyway next week to get Gemma's birthday pressie, just 4 days after mine.

I've also spent the best part of my time off chatting to like-minded Twilight buddies. A great group of people and they don't think I'm weird at all! I can't believe how many Twilight fansites there are out there! I've never known anything like it. I know there are lots of sites for lots of different people/bands/actors etc. out there but I've never known anything like the Twilight phenomenon! I've never known a film have so many haters either! Seems such a waste of energy but if it floats your boat, who am I to spoil your fun?

We also treated ourselves to a Chinese take away last night, and very nice it was too. It's a fairly new restaurant and I think I can safely say, we'll be going there again.

Some time ago I ordered a "Cullen 17" t-shirt that took for ever to arrive and 3 days after the ETA, I emailed Cafe-Press who advised me that they would send out another one and if the original turned up, I could keep that one as well by way of an apology! The original one turned up the day after I'd contacted them and the replacement one has turned up today, so I now have 2! Result and fantastic customer service.

Paul's come back with 3 lottery tickets so, with a bit of luck, we might win a tenner! Anything would come in useful the way things are at the moment, but we've treated ourselves quite a lot over the past couple of weeks so I can't complain...there's still an awful lot of Twilight merchandise out there though and New Moon's out soon!
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