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I acquired some films today with every intention of watching them all.  I only managed 'Marley and Me' (at last).  I've been putting off watching it since it came out, despite the fact it's about my favourite animal.  I knew something of the ending as I had seen John and Jenny Grogan on The Dog Whisperer.  I've also had the book sitting on my shelf for years but can't bring myself to read it.  All I can say is, I sobbed my heart out. 

I was a bit shocked that, despite the fact you knew what was happening, they actually showed the vet adding the drug to the drip in his paw.  That finished me off.  It also reminded me of when my own dog, Gypsy, died.  She walked out in the garden but I thought she was just a bit off colour and we managed to get her back in the house and have a drink of water.  We came down in the morning and she had died.  I was gutted that she had died on her own and I felt like the world's worst owner.  It was awful.  Then we couldn't afford to get her cremated and had to ring round to find somewhere cheap.  I felt like I was cheapening her life.  Paul told me I should be grateful that we rescued her from the RSPCA and made her last years happy.  I can't help but wonder what was wrong with her.  The day before she had been fine!  She wasn't old.  Although we didn't know here age when we got her (she'd been tied to the gates of the RSPCA and left there), they reckoned she was about 5/6 and we had her for 3 years.  We couldn't afford to find out why she had died.  I felt like I'd betrayed her for a third time.  As sappy as it may sound, it's not something I like I'll get over.  I often stop and feel bad about it and remember how eager she was to please me all the time.  My poor Gypsy.  Kizzie has a lot of her traits and I know that if we still had Gypsy, she would have loved Kizzie to bits.  We used to come downstairs many mornings to find that she had liberated a hedgehog from the garden.  (She was part Retriever so had a very soft mouth).  She was such a loving dog despite her size and the harm she could have done she wouldn't harm a fly.

On the brighter side, my boss has given me 2 tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat on Sunday so I'm taking Gemma.  We usually go every year but I had forgotten about it this year, so it was a nice surprise!  (Gemma and I always show ourselves up when we go.  We get a bit 'loud').

Paul's had a bit of a windfall so he's going to upgrade his PC and I'm going to get some new shoes for work.

Office Numpty (ON) has been caught out.  She told my work colleagues that she was in intensive care from the Friday before her holiday to the Monday.  I'm pretty damned sure they don't have computers in intensive care just so you can post on Facebook!  I'm sick of her lies.  She's even back to posting on FB from work.  Something that, in my capacity as Office Manager, I might just slip into the conversation one day!


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