Aug. 31st, 2009

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Well, it's almost over now and I haven't done a thing except walk the dogs and sit on here surfing and watching movies.

Robbie's dad finally rang today and it's agreed, Robbie is now officially living here. It doesn't actually mean a big change because Robbie spent most of his time here anyway and only went back to his dad's to sleep but life will be so much better with Robbie around. It actually went better than I thought with just the stuff that he wants to bring here to sort. He'll still have his room at his dad's and his sister will no doubt make sure there's room at hers for him when she moves so all is, dare I say it, looking good.

All we have to do now is get the council off our backs for a few months and get the compensation claim sorted...I make it sound so easy, don't I?


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