Aug. 29th, 2009

My son.

Aug. 29th, 2009 12:46 pm
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So laid back, he's horizontal. Nothing phases him except lateness. Weird. He hates being late!

Anyway, long story short. When I left his dad I was moving into student accomodation which, as I'm sure you can appreciate, was not the best place to bring up children. Their dad and I were living in his parent's house while they were abroad. The children stayed with their dad but would come over at the weekends.

Life moved on and Robbie has just done his GCSEs (got 13)! and has now decided he wants to live with us full time! I'm so glad because his dad said a couple of years ago that there was no way he would allow it. We let it go at the time but I told his father that once Robbie was 16, it was his decision to which he agreed.

So, now we have to change this and that and work out what Robbie wants to bring from his dad's to our house...oh yes, and I have to have a 'talk' with his dad!
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I need a blog with all the filter functionality of LJ but the ease of adding widgets like Blogger.   Any suggestions?  (Please bear in mind, I'm only any good at basic html).
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This is a 'blog of note' for this month which I found really interesting. I actually own 2 or 3 bookmarks that I use on a regular basis but I know Paul only has one that seems to have vanished into the ether and he uses any bit of paper or card that's lying around. I got to wondering what do you use as a bookmark? Turning down the corners of pages is a definite no-no in our house, even if it's a book you didn't particularly enjoy.

I have a fabric bookmark with a hedgehog on it that Gemma gave me, a fae bookmark that Colette gave me and a plastic doggy bookmark that I liked the look of so I bought it, but I don't like reading more than one book at once and feel guilty for not using them all.

I have a desperate need to collect more but my bank account can't stand any more spending at the moment....hmmmm, wonder what I'll get for my birthday??? Money perhaps?


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