Aug. 28th, 2009

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It's no secret that I'm a huge Twilight fan. It drew me in from the first moment I set eyes on it. I don't have loads of merchandise but I do have one or two things and a couple of extra books aside from the Saga.

General opinion out there in the Real World seems to be that the Twilight Saga was written for 'young adults'. Whilst this might be the case, I believe there as just as many readers out there who are no longer 'young adults' and enjoy the books just as much if not more. I, myself, am a member of a group for over 25 Twilight fans and the discussions are far removed from 'Edward is hawt'.

What I don't understand is the Twilight Haters. Why is so much negative energy wasted on letting people know that you think they are mentally unstable just because they like something you don't? We know it's not the greatest work of fiction by any stretch of the imagination but we also know it is exactly escape from the crappiness of day to day life. Isn't everyone entitled to their own bit of fun? Since when did legal enjoyment have to be judged by others? Do you think that, by posting your thoughts on how much you hate the Saga, we would think, "Oh, wait a minute...perhaps I shouldn't like it. People won't like me if I tell them how much I like it". I'm an adult, I can think for myself and don't feel the need to log on to the internet to tell people how much I hate something.

It's like logging onto a fan forum and starting up a thread for 'haters'. It's counter productive. It makes no sense. Leave us be.


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