Aug. 27th, 2009

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So, we were up and ready by 8.15 this morning and set off just after half past. Robbie remained his usual 'meh' self and by the time we got there, was so laid back he was almost horizontal. We met Gem and Andrew there and set off to find out what he was doing. A total of 13 GCSEs with 2 distinctions in IT! Go Robbie. Really proud of him and have treated him to a new game!

The rest of the day was even more 'meh'. I was knackered with staying up late and reading New Moon (again) and having to get up early. Managed to get a fair bit done at work and am slowly clearing the backlog. Thankfully it's quiet so I'm not finding it too hard to catch up.

ON is, as usual, doing my tree in! I just can't be arsed anymore.

Anyway, time for me to get an early night, should be able to finish my book tonight, and look forward to a long weekend!

Night all.


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