Aug. 15th, 2009

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What a shitty day. STarted off OK but has been raining, then the wind got up, then the rain stopped and the sun shone, now it's raining again and, oh, guess what?! Sky's shit out again! On a scale of 1 - 10 for crap services I reckon Sky must be about an 8 with BT just beating them into the top spot!

On the plus side, my new pink geek stick arrived along with my Twilight book so not a completely wasted day. I also managed to get a storage box for under my desk. I knew I should have gone to WH Smith last week instead of Tesco and B&Q. Could have saved myself time and money.

Landlord came round this morning and parked up his caravan. Not a small, a bloody great 22' one! Oh well. He says it's only going to be out there for about another week, so no biggy.

Quite fancy a lazy day today but I feel guilty. Don't think I should and I'm going out tomorrow with my lovely daughter. Joseph again but free tickets this time. Hope they're decent bloody seats! I'm such an ingrate!

Well, as Sky's not playing I guess I should make the most of it and watch some of the films I've downloaded acquired.


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