Jul. 11th, 2009

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and my apologies for not posting more often.  As always, I've got myself involved in one or two projects without thinking things through timewise lol.

Anyway.  Paul's bike has been classed as a write off.  We've asked for the bike back (it was his pride and joy) and for money towards the repairs.  He got a bargain when he bought the bike and doesn't want another!  Now we just have to wait and see how much they offer us.

With regard to the big claim, we have another solicitor looking over the paperwork for us, free of charge.  I'm hoping his has good news for us but if not, we are going to take Direct Line to court.  How they can justify an offer of £13,000 LESS the interim payments (and they've had the bloody cheek to take off the physiotherapy charges) I do not know.  It would leave us with much much less than we need to pay off all our debts, not to mention the hassle and stress in the runup to the wedding.

We went into town on the courtesy bike this morning.  It's like a giant Crunchie.  One of the worst bike colours I've ever seen.  Typically I can't find a picture anywhere.  Not the most confortable bike and Paul says it doesn't handle well but I think that's down to the riding position.

I got myself a couple of books and some nail varnish.  Paul bought himself and me PC games and an Xbox game for Robbie.  He also got a couple of t-shirts that have to go back, they're too small and, I suspect, why they were in the sale lol.  Oh well.

Apart from that, I'm spending a lot of my time on a couple of Twilight forums (fora)?


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