Jun. 29th, 2009

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What was your first word?

How the hell would I know that???

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So, what's the legal requirement for bogging off home when it gets too hot in your office?  I'm pretty sure we're past it and having 3 fans and a small air conditioning unit it a HUGE office ain't helping at all.  I've never drunk so much water.  In itself not a bad thing but when the toilet is right down the other end of the building and you have a bladder the size of a mouses, it's no fun!

Our 'new Sky viewing cards' arrived today.  Fantastic!  What the hell are they supposed to do?  All ours has done has make the TV keep freezing.  I truly truly HATE Sky.  It's utter shite!

My daughter went to see Take That last night.  Haven't heard from her so assuming she had a good time.  She flew out to Bulgaria this morning with her boyfriend for a week.  Typical.  Our weather is forecast to be hotter than theirs.  The break and the change of scenery will so her good though.  I think she may be planning on saving for her own place when she gets back. 

Husband has a new credit card on it's way to him.  Oh dear...he asked if he can have a new Xbox game...yeah, if I can have the Twilight stuff I want *sniggers*.   We've had no food and no coffee, tea, milk, nothing for 2 days.  I nipped out and got some bits and pieces and coffee for him before I went to work. Bless him.  He rang me at work this morning to thank me lol.

Now he has to get his bike MOTed and petrol in it and that's him for a couple of weeks.  Oh well, easy come easy go.
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It's one of the hottest days on record, the TV presenter is interviewing a mum next to a pool.  She has a baby in her arms...baby has bright red hair, very pale skin and NOTHING on it's head and NOTHING covering it's body!!!!  Just shown another picture of a little fair haired toddler with his body covered but again, nothing on his head!  What is wrong with people?  Don't they know the dangers of not having their babies covered?


Jun. 29th, 2009 09:16 pm
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Michelle Ryan?  Ex Eastender?  The Bionic Woman?  Whatever next?


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