Jun. 28th, 2009

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OK, so it's been in the news a lot lately and was also the topic for debate on TV this morning.  At the risk of opening yet another can of worms, this is my view.

My ex-husband worked in Saudi Arabi for 2 years.  At the time it was assumed that, once his 2 years was up, he would gain family status and we would go out there to join him.  Sadly, things didn't work out but if we had gone, myself and my daughter would not have been able to go out alone, we would have had to wear burkas when we left the compound and there was no question of us not heeding these laws.  They were laws of the country and you respect them or you get the hell out.

Now, I'm all for equality but it works both ways.  If people want to live in our country, I don't have a problem with that, but you have to respect our laws.  Bikers have to remove their crash helmets when entering petrol stations so that the cashier can see their faces.  It is not the case for women wearing burkas.  Muslims have taken offence to being asked to remove their veils but are allowed to wear them as part of their uniform if they work for British Airways, however, a devout Christian had to remove her crucifix?

Come on people.  Fair's fair, we have to live by your laws and customs in your country, please respect ours?  If you don't like it, you don't have to stay.  I know a lot of people will say they are as British as us, which is fair point but if my child was born in Saudi Arabia, it would have to live by Saudi rules not atheist rules!

Equality has to be across the board, not selective.

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...my marbles have gone.

A friend posted the link to the announcement of Michael Jackson's death on a forum I go on.  It progressed for a while and then this...

Behind the cut because it goes on a bit. )

Now, I've either completely lost the plot or he has...maybe it's both if us...I don't know any more.  Can someone please explain this to me???
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Bit of back story.  I left my ex and moved out of the house.  (It wasn't ours, it belonged to his parents so I had no claim on it).  I couldn't take my children with me as I was moving into student housing and it wasn't fair on them and I didn't want the children to choose between their father and I as it wasn't fair on them.

So, move on 11 years, ex now has a new gf who has a daughter.  They moved into his house after 6 months and new gf has completely taken over.  Anyhow, things have been going on since they moved in that aren't endearing gf to my two kids' hearts but this weekend has topped it all.  He was supposed to take Robbie out this weekend.  (Robbie's been staying here since his exams started and he hasn't had to be in school every day).  By mutual agreement, they cancelled.  I thought that maybe his dad would take him out last night instead, but no.  He's gone to Spain for a week with gf and her daughter.  No 'phone call to Robbie to let him know, no text, nothing.  So, Gemma rings me, her father didn't even shout up the stairs to her this morning that he was going, just sent her a text from the airport to say that he couldn't get her case to lock.  (She's going to Bulgaria with her bf tomorrow for a week).

Call me over protective, but is someone neglecting his own children for the sake of his new gf and her child?


Jun. 28th, 2009 03:40 pm
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An almighty clap of thunder, two flashes of lightning and a downpour, but now it's so much fresher and cooler!


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