Jun. 20th, 2009

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I used to be a member of a forum for 'older' Twilight fans.  I thought it might be where I could get a decent conversation without all the hysteria of being surrounded by screaming teenagers lusting over Rob and posting pics and swearing undying love.  How wrong could I be?  

The proof? )
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Me:  When you have cereal, don't put as much milk in it next time.  It's a waste throwing all that milk away.

Son:  I know but they go soggy quickly.

Me:  So don't put so much milk in next time, then I don't need to throw as much away.

Son:  But I don't like them when they're soggy.

Me:  *sighs*  So don't put as much milk in next time!

How can someone be so clever and yet so stupid all in one head????


Jun. 20th, 2009 06:50 pm
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There's an ad on TV for a Discovery channel programme called Time Warp and they've used Time is on my Side by the Stones as the background music which totally freaks me out as it was what the demon in Fallen used to sing!  It's always on just as I'm falling asleep too!  (Yes, I do go to sleep with the TV on and yes, my carbon footprint is probably bigger than Godzilla's).

Well, I watched My Bloody Valentine.  Not sure what I was expecting really but Jensen Ackles was in it so it must be worth watching, right?  Wrong.  Typical slasher film that was OK when the original came out in 1981 (and that I watched as a double bill with Fun House.  Remember when you used to go to the cinema and there were always TWO feature films...none of this 'right, you've paid a fortune to sit in an overly air-conditioned cinema and munching 9 ct gold flecked popcorn while you watch this film now bugger off.  You'll have to pay again if you want to stay' or am I showing my age again)?

So, now what?  Twilight again and alienate the rest of the household?  Spend the next few hours till bedtime channel hopping?  Rent a DVD?  Sky Cinema?


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