Jun. 15th, 2009

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I get myself into such a state over the way animals are treated or even the ones that just get ill and their owners take them to the vet. Yes, I'm watching 'Animal Hospital' and waiting for 'Project Puppy' to start. Glutton for punishment? Absolutely.

On the plus side today, Paul is out and about a bit more. He went to the doc this morning and has to have a blood test done tomorrow to see if it's his anti-depressants that are causing him to get sore throats etc. Should be interesting. The man has a total fear of needles and had to take me in with him when he has his steroid injections etc. for his knee. Robbie's offered to go with him but he said he'll be OK. There's a cafe at the docs now so at least he can get himself a drink when he comes out, before he gets on his bike.

Bought lots of yummy, low fat food after work and a hair dye, which I'm going to do and apply now.

See you later!


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