Jun. 4th, 2009

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I've been terribly neglectful of posting of late but I have been on here reading what everyone's been up to...and changing my layout - again!  I've been spending lots of money.  Bought this and this and this and this because I deserve them.  Paul had his weekend away so I treated myself to someTwilight goodness.  My friend has also sourced me a paperback copy of 'Breaking Dawn' so I'm like a kid at Christmas!  At least no-one will be stuck for what to be me ever again!  Just soooooooo long until New Moon is out in the UK *sighs*

I've also found a couple of new sites (TwilightMomsForum and Twlight Widowers) that have been keeping me amused until my book, dvd and cd arrive.  TwilightMoms is fantastic.  I don't feel like I'm too old for it all on there...or maybe I am really...I'm going through my middle-age crisis.  I don't care...I'm obsessed...I can't help it!

Robbie's got through most of his exams now.  He only has 4 left.  He's so laid back about it all.  I don't remember being like that, or maybe I was because I hated school.  I hope he does well.  He deserves it and I think underneath it all, he's been working harder than we give him credit for.

I also bought Kizzie a new toy...a Babble Ball.  It's hysterical.  She's only had it for an hour and she's knackered!

Paul's bike's back on the road so he indulged himself a bit and helped me out by picking Robbie up from school.  He's still having to take it easy though because his leg's still painful if he tried to ride too far.  Hopefully, the solicitor will manage to sort this whole compensation thing out before the end of the year and we can sort out a new house and try and make life a bit easier for him.

Apart from this, nothing much has happened.  It's been work / home / work as usual.
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Some time ago I posted about how some friends and I were discussing a certain programme on TV and were sleighted on another forum for it.  (Link if you want to know what the hell I'm on about)

Well, it seems that particular episode was on last night, so needless to say, one or two of us had a look to see what all the fuss is about.  All I can say is, you really needen't have worried, we'd have known it was you anyway because there's not much difference between your arse and your face!  They both look the same and they both make the same noises!


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