May. 30th, 2009

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How many languages do you speak?

English is my first language, German (handy when you have a German mother in law) and fluent in Swahili when talking to husband, children and minions!

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Haven't done anything at all today other than taxi husband round for this and that before he set off for a night out with his mates in Leeds.  It's only one night but I do miss him.

I'm on the verge of finishing 'New Moon' after thoroughly enjoying 'Twilight' and I will definitely be buying 'Eclipse' tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with the optician to check out my contact lenses so I'm hoping something can finally be sorted.

So, tonight will be spent finishing my book and checking out Diversity on Britain's Got Talent.  How sad am I???

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Bloody weighed myself yesterday!  I don't know why, maybe some sick sense of mental flagellation, I don't know, suffice to say I was shocked!   I'm under no illusions, I haven't exactly been eating healthily but when my clothes had started getting tighter and tighter and I know I'm the biggest I've ever been, I felt something had to be done about it.  The meds aren't helping but I can't blame it all on them so this is it.  I have to do it now, for myself, no-one else...and no, I'm not posting my weight here.  I'm far too embarrassed!


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