May. 23rd, 2009

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Thanks to going to bed ridiculously early last night, I was wide awake at 7.30 this morning. 7.30 on a Saturday morning when you're not going anywhere is ridiculous, however, I decided to make the most of it and started working on my [ profile] adayinmylife  and even managed a sneaky pic of Paul.  Bless him, I don't know what time he came to bed but I know it was after 2 am!

I walked the girls, cleaned the kitchen, filled the dishwasher and have a fun packed day ahead of me fitting a new brush bar to my hoover and cleaning the house where I haven't been able to whilst waiting for various bits and pieces for my hoover.  You have no idea how annoying it is having 2 dogs and no easy way of getting rid of dog hairs!

Anyway, I'm still full of a cold and hoping that it will have gone before I go to the docs (3rd June).  If not, I'll be pleading for something to put me out of my misery.

Have been 'healthy eating' for 2 weeks now and have to admit, I'm not feeling as much like Mrs Blobby as I used to but still have a long, long way to go.  I was going to say I'm aiming for summer but I forgot, this is the UK, we don't get a summer so looks like I have ages!

More later folks...

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Do you believe in monogamy?


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You know me so well!

I have cake from [ profile] frankthepirate !   Wheeeeeeeeeee

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I can't do the hoovering until Paul gets up cos I don't want to wake him but I really need to do it!  I've done all the wiping down and the dusting.  'Just' have the washing and hoovering to do but I suspect it will be some time yet.  Poor bloke rarely gets enough sleep because of his leg so it's not fair for me to wake him.  I suppose I could do the bathroom but it's right next to our bedroom and the floorboards creak lol.  Things is, once he's up he'll want to go on his Xbox which is in the lounge.  Hmmmmmm, perhaps I can throw him out of the house for half an hour...but where to send him?

He's away next weekend to Leeds to see his school mates.  I'm not going.  Drinking and clubbing isn't my thing any more.  I'm too old and can't be arsed with pissed up people, though I love them all to bits, they're fantastic people.  I like my own bed too much and someone has to stay and look after the Princess!

What utter shite I'm posting today!  Must be bored!


May. 23rd, 2009 11:41 am
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How warm is it? 

It's dull outside but I've just finished cleaning the bathroom and hoovered all the rooms downstairs and I'm absolutely roasting hot!  (Why does your hair on the back of your neck make you so hot)??? I need to do the stairs and upstairs yet but I can't, Paul and Robbie are still asleep but I'm so glad I've done the downstairs at least.  It's so much better.  I feel I'm very sad in that the highlight of my day is having a fluff free carpet!  I suspect part of my over-heating has a lot to do with the fact that I am so unfit as well.

Have forgotten to take pics for ADIML so I think that project will have to go on hold for now.  Perhaps firing up the camera instead of using my camera 'phone might be a better idea as well.

I've also 'tidied' my FB.  Gone are the people I haven't ever spoken to or don't know in 'real life';  gone are the applications that I never use;  gone are the lists for different people.

I'm just waiting for the rain to will, I have the patio doors open.

I was hoping to get all the housework done by lunchtime cos I don't want to waste my long weekend. It ain't happening, is it?  C'mon guys, I need a shower!
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Now what am I going to do with the rest of my day?  Decisions, decisions.

Robbie's playing on Paul's computer, Paul's stuffing his face and watching Carry On Films and the girls are resting.  All is well lol.  I need food!
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...home of old biddies, obnoxious gits and chavs!

I can't wait to move away from here! )


May. 23rd, 2009 06:59 pm
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I don't know about you and maybe it's because we're lucky that we all have our own, but I find computers to be very personal things.  I have mine set up 'just so' with only a few icons on the desktop and the start menu is organised into categories.  My husband is just as anal about his and we find that we don't use each other's unless it's absolutely necessary.  It's not that we're well off, because we aren't.  We've managed to cobble together a couple of desktops from bits and pieces that we've cannibalised and Robbie and I have our own laptops.  When Gemma comes round, she'll bring hers too.  Such a sociable family.

It's not even that any of them are used for business.  Mine is primarily for email, networking sites, blogging and writing letters / documents.  Paul's is for music and games and Robbies is for games and homework.

I have a problem with my computer at work in that I can't set it up just how I want it and get rid of all the crap on it.  I have to leave most of it on in case any of the others in the office stops working but I hate it.

Do you share your computer with anyone or do you insist in having your own?


May. 23rd, 2009 07:06 pm
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So, I finally finished the housework, got the washing done, wrote a couple of letters and nipped out to the shop to stock up.  I sat down to surf and blog, Paul came down and I was treated to "Carry On Jack""Blues Brothers 2000" and now we're on "Back to the Future 3".  Whilst I don't mind his most recent choice of viewing, we have hundreds of DVDs he can choose from (including Back to the Future 3).  I shouldn't complain.  It beats watching him play Saints Row 2!


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