Apr. 8th, 2009

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I have no idea why...maybe it's just because I'm in that 'don't have to get up early so why should I' frame of mind.   Anyway, mooched about for a bit, filled the dishwasher, cleared up the chaos and mayhem left for Kizzie, wrote a couple of snotty letters and set off for the vet with Paul and Kizzie in tow.

Kizzie was not impressed.  I'm 100% positive she remembers the first time she had to go there.  It was to get her spayed.  Anyway, we had to wait half an hour before we got to see the vet and £50 later we're on our way home!  It was £7 (exc VAT) to get her bloody claws clipped.  I'm going to advise my son to be a vet.  Anyway, she's fast asleep now after all the stress bless her.

Why do I always feel guilty for sitting on my ass and doing nothing when I have a day off?  I really should clean the bathroom...and then perhaps our bedroom...Robbie's still in bed so I can't do his room.  I suppose I could shove another load of washing in.  Perhaps I should find something to distract me on here.
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It was only last night when I couldn't get on Facebook that I decided to go to play and play around with my mobile to see if I could get on it through that.  Yup, no problem so I checked my LJ as well.  I didn't realise that the blocks in the header were also links even though I'd looked at that part of the customisation page several times.  Nor did I realise you could change the pattern.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  Do I need to get out more (as this has clearly amused more way more than it should have) or should I stay in more and hone my LJ skills more?


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