Apr. 1st, 2009

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So, it's Robbie's birthday today...16 already!  I was snoozing quite happily then got a 'phone call to say that he had gone over on his ankle on the bus, could I pick him up.  Went to get him had a quick look at offending limb, dropped him off at home with instructions to let me know how he got on through the day and set off for work.

Once I got to work... )
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I do.  I'm also a bit weird in that things have to 'balance'.  e.g.  With this template on LJ, if your post isn't very long, it knocks all the little grey squares out of line.  That annoys me beyond belief...and why?  I have no idea!  I also like my LJ, MS and Twitter to have the same backgrounds so they all match.  Look, I never said I was normal!

So, in view of the fact that I 'think' I'm already bored with the template I'm using on here...I may just change it again.  It's time to funk it up (as opposed to f*ck it up which is normally what I end up doing) and have some brighter colours!  (Oh, and add the same background to MS and Twitter of course lol).


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