Mar. 17th, 2009

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Top o' the morning to you! Has anyone ever pinched you for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?

Eh?  No!

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Being a tenant myself, I found this article interesting. I know it's an old one but the issue was raised again on the news a week or so back. Thankfully we aren't at risk of it happening to us as our landlord doesn't have a mortgage on the property but our previous landlord did, along with huge debts and a business that had to go into voluntary liquidation. Having listened to my father in law complaining about tenant's rights and how he can't do this or do that I have realised in the past that this is incorrect. Tenants don't have as many rights as landlords do.

As an example... )
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Personally I think it's a crap idea. If you can't tell someone what's bugging you or that you're sorry about something without it being a 'national day' then you deserve a slap. It's called being a grown up! If I had to wait to tell work colleagues what the problem was, the work would never get done. If I had to wait for one day a year to say sorry to people it would probably take me half way to the next 'Apology Day' to finish! Get a grip and say what's on your mind!

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Just over 2 years ago a client of yours decided it was in his best interests NOT to wait in a queue of standing traffic as he just didn't have time, so he pulled out of that line and drove straight into my husband. No biggy BUT my husband was on a motorcycle. Not the best way to travel if someone decides they're above waiting and throwing a large amount of metal around the roads on a busy Saturday lunchtime.

Your client was adamant it wasn't his fault... )

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Personally, I'm all for it. Churches try and get you to go and pray for your sins (yeah right) and now we have Atheist buses. A bit tongue in cheek I thought but it seems some people are taking it too seriously.

Take this bus driver for example. )


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