Mar. 12th, 2009

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If you could jump in a time machine and travel back to any point in history, where would you go?

I'm too spoilt for choice and would like a time travel machine then I could go to lots of times but  if I could only choose one time, it would be around the time of Henry VIII as long as my head was safe!
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How can
this possibly be just?

This is the shoddy excuse for an upholder of the law who released him!

"Lady Justice Hallett said there was "little or nothing" Lord Ahmed could have done to avoid the collision".

I beg to differ.  He could have kept his hands on his steering wheel and his eyes on the road!

"She said he had never been accused of, or admitted, causing death by dangerous driving".

What???  I would have thought the vast majority of people who have been jailed for manslaughter following road accidents had never done it before, so how many times do you have to do it before you are really punished?

He should be thrown back in prison and she should be sacked!


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