Feb. 28th, 2009

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At one time I would have said don't be ridiculous, however, before I had the internet I didn't think that could be addictive either. Not a day goes by now when I don't try to think of something to blog about but my life is quite dull at the moment so I'm afraid you all just get the day to day mundane crap. My apologies.

So, blogging...addictive or not?
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Well, just about to head off into town to Ozone Body Piercing again to get my tongue bar changed for a shorter one...hopefully. I went last week but was told that it would be better to go back again this week as it would save me keep going back for shorter ones each week. Hopefully this week it will happen and then I'm off to the BodyJewelleryShop to spend some of my hard earned cash!

After that I guess it will be back to normality and housework...oh what fun!

*UPDATED*  It's changed and there was an offer on tongue jewellery so I got a red bar and a blue bar!

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Hitler liked Blackpool...says a lot really, doesn't it?

I love reading through the '10 Things' on the BBC website.  Some of them are really quite interesting and some of them are WTF?  Anyway, have a look and decide for yourself!

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What quality do you think is most important in a significant other?

The ability to see beyond your faults and imperfections and love you for who you are.  I know it sounds vomit inducing but the last 5 years have proven this to me.
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I was amused to hear that my boss, leader of the local council, had had a mention on a local radio station for his stance on making St George's Day a national holiday. In our area, there is now a St George's Day festival which has the support of my boss as it will be raising awareness fo the area and bringing more tourists to the Fylde Coast. Ironic, though, as he isn't giving us the day off!

This is what he had to say. )
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Good grief, I'm sure we've all said that at one time or another but not been sacked for it.  If Kimberley Swann had said something really detrimental or personal about the company, I could understand it.  I also work for a small family firm and, trust me, sometimes it's boring, but none of us would ever get sacked for saying it.  I think it says a lot more about her work colleagues than her and she's probably better off out of a work environment such as that one!
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I turned 40 in 2002 and started noticing adverts for toothpaste for 'over 40's'!  Now I'm bombarded with adverts for pants to stop me p*xxing myself when I'm out riding camels or having a laugh on the 'phone at home and apparently I'm also at danger of 'menopausal skin'.  I thought life was supposed to begin at 40???


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